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Success -> FIRST discover a common structure in the protean flow of events (the many-colored, brilliant atrocious, fascinating and depressive drama man has performed over the millennia) and -> SECOND to attribute to one's own present a definite place in the play. The Internet -> the same game -> only being capable of another language accelerates you to another "product line" of ideas, creations, etc. products.(see books Werner), ORTEGA:Revolt of the Masses, FROMM:Sick Society, RIESMAN:Other-Directed Man, HOFFER:True Believer, see also SPENGLER. In development there are always the 3 stages

1 -> it is declared a nonsense, 2 -> Then it is declared obvious and trivial, and in the THIRD -> The former opponents claim to have discovered it themselves.

________________ If the shaping of interior space is regarded as architectures supreme task then the designer has to be architect and vice versa. ...urban courts and squares of late baroque with their surrounding walls are form of interior space, roofed by the open sky. Spez. Gewicht -> FE/7.8, AL/2.6 -> 1dm3=1 Liter -> 1m=10dm=100cm=1000mm -> 1m3=1000 Liter. To become a constituent ELEMENT of a VOLUME, a WALL has to be -> 1 -> cleansed of all decorative eruptions -> aesthetic values of a pure surface PLANE -> this is Fundamental. Architecture is primarily concerned with the revitalization of the wall from within. The genius of L.C. was that he was an architect, a painter and a sculptor -> the average architect rarely knows how to place VOLUMES and even less how to sculpture them.

_________________ A healthy human consumes -> capacity=1Liter/air -> 12 to 16 Liter consumption average per minute +300% under stress. Heartbeat Liter 16 x 60 (or X) -> 1/4 heart beat breath

_________________ Air-condition&heating=life-support ? -> ein Haus (jedes Design) ist ein Gebilde in Schichten. _________________ Schuhe, Hoehenabgleichung, das Hoehengleichnis. Fuer kleine Menschen ist ein Turm kleiner, wenn sie auf der Aussichtsplattform stehen.

_________________ Nikolaus Pevsner -> the term International Style was arrived in 1932 -> Sigfried Gideon, Violet-Le Duc, Leon Krier. M v. R, "whenever technology reaches its real fulfillment it transcends to architecture" -> social import -> architecture=social art that must bring joy, must accommodate and comment on human uses, rituals and needs. Millions without access to architecture are serfed by profiteers and opportunists or are not served at all.

_________________ S-R (or S.O.R.) scheme -> feedback loop added to make the system selfregulating. Kinetic models are required for primary regulations...based upon a network of reactions in an open system with progressive evolution. Cybernetic systems are "closed" with respect to exchange of matter with environment and only open to information. Heraclitus (panta rhei). Information (in the communication channels) being partly converted into noise but not vice versa, -> Shannons Tenth Theorem. There is no absolute gap between percept and concept. These two levels integrate and impact.

__________________ Symbols are representative, are transmitted by tradition by learning process -> in contrast to innate instincts. Use concept formation instead of "outlines". Be-sociation (the bringing together of formerly unconnected). Evolution is god becoming aware of himself. Only then, evolution and history are more than a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and furry, signifying nothing. The system of values is a symbolic universe, values are freely created, are freely posited. Welcome to the "microcosm of lawlessness" -> from Kubernan -> to steer,guide. Lookup the the theory of cybernetics. Multivariable interaction. See book -> WIENER:Cybernetics, KOESTLER:The Act of Creation ___________________ If there would not be FFF (fressen, ficken, fernsehn) they would have long be extinguished in the little Skinner boxes (cubicles). See educational behavior (Piaget, Bruner, Berelson, Steiner, Washburn...). Striving for stimulation, information, knowledge, novelty, interest, love, manipulating drive, fun -> is a by product and (was) a technical question of the cold war (now global market) Not a genuine reorientation. "Development" means an idealized change (increased in differentiation and hierarchic integration. Intellectual operations depend upon language (and there are again vocabulary, syntax, our verbal luggage) that will define our intellectual operations. The very definition of a living being is that of a self-maintaining, self-repairing, self- moving system. The "drive theory" is wrong -> a healthy child or adult are continually building up tensions in form of new interest, going well beyond safety levels, acquiring knowledge for its own sake, creation of works of beauty and usefulness, love, sense of duty, etc..."Learning" is part of the adaptive pattern of a species and can be understood only when it is seen as a process of acquiring skills and attitudes that are of evolutionary significance to the species, when living in the environment to which it is adapted. -> see book:PACKARD:Waste Maker) Producing products intended to be destroyed. Spiritual, social, moral, etc. consequences are none of the business man's concern. The BM exists only for only one purpose, to deliver value satisfaction at a profit to himself.

_____________________ 1 -> Aspect, Situation, Circumstance, Conditions 2 -> Disposition, Configuration, Outward shape 3 -> Force, Influence, Momentum, Authority 4 -> Strategic Advantage, Purchase

No Abstractness of universalizing principles !; Favor the concrete Images !

Any situation definable on the continuum can be manipulated into its polar opposite. Order can be teased out of disorder, courage can be stoked out of timidity, largeness can be conjured out of smallness. The line between disorder and order lies in logistic and between cowardice and courage in strategic advantage, and between weakness and strength in strategic positioning. All things and events that have a distinguishing shape or disposition can be named or can be prevailed over, thus, because the sages would use that characteristic in which any one thing excels to prevail over all other things, they were always successful in whatever they did. "Virtue" -> "vocabulary, wisdom, integrity, humanity, courage, discipline". "Knowing" -> tends to be one of tracing out, unraveling, penetraiting getting through, to name, to make a name, to inscribe, markings, culture... -> To "know" is to realize to make real, the path is not "given", but is made in the giving of it. Thus, one's actions are always a significant factor in the shaping of one's world. IS=Abstract essence "should be" in order to be successful -> the "stuff" of existence. There is NO GIVEN END. Dynamic aural vocabulary, where wisdom is closely linked with communication. Knowing is comprehensiveness, the exemplary person pursues harmony, not sameness. Negotiate the most out of what you got here and now. A person can be fairly described as a "nexus" of specific patterns of discourse and not a discrete individual defined in terms of some inherent nature familiar in liberal democratic theory. "Centerseeking or centripedal", seeking harmony that maximize the creative possibilities. Bottom up and begin with the coordination of concrete detail.

"________________" represents a comprehensive

"___________________", of

"_______________________", if applied wisely it represents an indispensable strategic advantage, if seen that way the "_____________" of affairs, laying appropriate foundations for the crucial

"__________". The deliberations of the wise

"_____________" are sure to assess jointly both the advantages and disadvantages, in taking full account of what is disadvantageous, his difficulties become resolvable. It is important to keep information from

"_________________" as it important to acquire information about



The ultimate skill is to have no form, nobody can get a look at you and the wisest counselors will not be able to lay plans against you. Successes far beyond the common crowd is foreknowledge, application of historical precedents if we can make the others "___________" show their position while concealing ours from them we will be at full force where they are divided. It is by scoring many points that one wins the

"_______________________" beforehand in the temple

"___________" rehearsal of the conduct, identifying a set of relevant categories, using

"__________" and similar

"___________" to indicate an advantage on one or the other side enabling one to thus predict the outcome., this translates to "to avail oneself of", to make the best of

"_______", to reply upon, and last but not least this requires sensitivity and adaptability. ______________________________

notes -> The Art is the Art of Deceit, therefore when able seem to be unable when ready seem unready when nearby seem far away and when far away seem near.


"______________________________" seeks some advantage, entice him with it / if he is in disorder attack him and take him / if he is formidable, prepare against him / if he is strong, evade him / if he is incensed provoke him / if he is humble, encourage his arrogance / if he is rested, wear him down / if he is internally harmonious, sow divisiveness in his ranks / focus on where he is not prepared / go to places where it would never occur to him you would go ! He who knows his opponents and himself will never be at risk.

extracts from later water encyclopedic works and works excavated in archeological sites.


Measurement failures -> Public coffers prospering, many officials in many offices, arrogant and wasteful/TAX/5 UNIT base 90:180 (small) - failure 100:200 (small) - failure 120:240 -> success ! *g* Public coffers empty, officials in office few

Imperceptible web include the

"____________________" treasure

The KEY to intelligence is the double agent. -> forward & backward research. If you only penetrate a short distance you cannot bring operations in full play. Intelligence is the essence of business, it is what the companies depend upon in their every move. How many households are the basic tax unit, what is the basic size of a land unit. Superiors and subordinates are of two minds. Superiors want to advance, subordinates want to withdraw. Territory of several neighboring states at which their borders meet is a vital intersection strategically Superiors -> rank - > file Break OFF operation once your associates are exhausted. To fail to think fast when surrounded by the enemy is to have your back pressed to the wall; and to fail to take the battle to the enemy when your back is to the wall is to perish. Yellow south attacked Red the to west then east attacked Green man to north attacked Black then to west. Yang means sunny...Yin means shady, YIN conditions to the RIGHT (WEST)